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How about studying international economy and trade?

Analyzing the employment prospects of international trade majors, the employment problem of college students has attracted more and more attention. Employment difficulty has become the focus of people's discussion. As a graduate of international trade major, I did a survey on the graduation direction of my major. I collected the data of this survey work three times. At present, the employment problem of college students has attracted more and more attention, and "difficult employment" has become the focus of discussion. As a sophomore majoring in international trade, it is necessary for us to conduct a survey on the graduation direction of our major and see what aspects we need to start from now in order to gain more chips for the fierce competition of future employment. The data collection of this research work is carried out in three parts. First of all, I interviewed the graduates of our school in the 00th year. She is a member of the Communist Party of China. She is a student majoring in international trade in the School of Economics and Management. She obtained a double degree in English before graduation. She is now working in a foreign trade company in Shanghai. She briefly introduced to the author the situation of her classmates after graduation: after graduation from Class A, in order to stay in Zimbabwe, she entered a state-owned enterprise whose major was not the same; Classmate B entered a well-known listed state-owned enterprise in Tianjin by virtue of the advantages of double degrees in English; Classmate C became a big importer and exporter of foreign-funded enterprises because of his outstanding practical working ability; Classmate Ding chose to continue his further study. The above is a microcosm of the graduate's future, and also objectively reflects the direction of my professional employment, but after all, only a few people, can not fully explain the employment situation of international trade major. In view of the above reasons, in order to obtain official and more formal employment prospects information, I logged on the graduate website of Fudan University and personally visited the Graduate Office of Renmin University of China. The above two universities have high status in the field of applied economics, and the major of international trade belongs to the national key disciplines. According to the data released by Fudan University, the employment prospects of graduates majoring in international trade mainly include accounting firms, banks, foreign trade companies, securities companies, futures companies, foreign-funded enterprises and government foreign-related economic departments. In recent years, besides financial institutions, foreign trade institutions and companies such as banks, securities, insurance, import and export companies and private enterprises, more and more foreign-related enterprises and branches of multinational corporations in China, such as more and more famous accounting firms in the four major international countries, are going to find jobs. In summary, the employment prospects of graduates majoring in international trade are relatively optimistic. Finally, in order to get more powerful and practical information, I went to "528 Recruitment Network". I inquired about the online recruitment information of Beijing enterprises and institutions for the major of international trade. Although online recruitment materials can not fully represent the recruitment situation of all enterprises and institutions for graduates majoring in international trade, they can also represent certain social reality. There are not many large companies recruited online. I found three typical companies: Ping An Life Insurance Beijing Branch, China Home Appliances Import and Export Corporation, and China Science Huaxing Science and Trade Co., Ltd. The requirements of the latter two companies are slightly higher than those of other enterprises and undertakings. China Home Appliances Import and Export Corporation requires applicants to have more than two years of work experience, preferably with their own customers, bachelor's degree or above, passing CET-6; China Science Huaxing Science and Trade Co., Ltd. requires more stringent requirements: 1. Bachelor's degree, CET-6 or above, good listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, and be able to undertake. Responsible for external contact and negotiation translation work, skilled in computer and office software 2, good writing skills, strong communication and coordination ability, clear and organized thinking, with more than three years experience in foreign trade and Commerce priority 3, customs declaration certificate, familiar with foreign trade and import and export related knowledge priority 4, proactive, high responsibility and tenacity; Life expectancy requires only a strong career ambition to pursue success, but its potential competition should be able to imagine that the quality of the applicant will be relatively high. These are only three special companies, and the recruitment situation of other companies should be more representative. Most of these companies recruit international trade students who graduate from junior college or high school, and English or international trade students who graduate from undergraduate course are also considered in some companies. Recruitment positions mainly include customs declaration clerk, sales clerk, charterer, foreign secretary, foreign trade clerk, sales supervisor and so on, mostly in international trade practice. In terms of gender, customer service and Secretary require more women than men in sales and production positions.  Generally speaking, it is better to have more than two years'working life. To sum up, we can see some problems as follows: 1. Employers have a high requirement for the applicant's English, generally above CET-6, good oral English and fluent expression. In terms of gender, there are also occupational differences, and most companies with gender restrictions have more restrictions on female candidates. In other words, female candidates may encounter more problems and pressures than male candidates. 3. Undergraduates are under too much pressure to compete with other students, such as senior high school students, junior college students, graduate students and even returned overseas students. The influx of these people has an invisible impact on the employment of undergraduates. 4. The difference between ordinary school graduates and key university graduates is that the former is lower in some hard conditions than the latter, and employers are more keen on the latter. 5. Unfortunately, enterprises pay more attention to the applicants'actual working ability, internal quality and work experience. Therefore, we should do the following to cope with the fierce competition for employment in the future

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