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Current Trend of International Economy and Trade and Its Promoting Strategies

The integrated World Economic and Trade Organization has made it impossible for every country to leave the world family. The term "honor, disgrace and republicanism" can only be used to describe the modern world economy and trade. Globalization, integration and liberalization are more obvious now. Learning from the excellent development experience of developed countries, summing up some laws, and combining with their own economic characteristics, we will put forward powerful development measures to develop and enhance their economic strength. At the same time, we will also make great contributions to the world economy. With the implementation and further development of the "one belt and one way" initiative, China's role in international economic and trade development is becoming more and more important and the situation is becoming more and more serious. Under the new situation, how to enhance our country's ability to deal with complex international economic and trade issues, enhance comprehensive national strength and improve people's lives is an important topic of theoretical research.

1. Significance of Trend Analysis of International Economy and Trade

1.1. Social and Economic Development Needs

The gradual deepening of international economic integration, the implementation of the "one belt and one road" initiative, and the increasingly fierce competition between the US and China... These problems all mean that we have become more "intimate" with trade cooperative partnerships, but trade frictions between us have also increased. How to reduce trade frictions in mutually beneficial competition, enhance our ability to deal with trade problems, fully understand the risks that may exist in the process of trade, analyze trade and find favorable factors for the development of countries and enterprises are all our national economy. The necessary means of economic development.

1.2. Requirements for the Development of National Economic System

2018 is the fortieth anniversary of the reform and opening-up. Before the reform, our country implemented a planned economy. After the reform and opening-up, our economic system has been gradually integrated with the market economy. However, there are still some systems which are not suitable for the development of modern economy. Many of them seriously restrict the development of economy. Therefore, we analyze the current international trade and economic situation and find deep problems in them. It is an important task to formulate a system suitable for economic development.

1.3. International Economic Trade and Competition Requirements

Globalization and "integration" of the world economy is an inevitable development path for all countries and enterprises seeking development. In addition to facing domestic competitors, enterprises in one country also have international competitors. After China's entry into WTO, many enterprises are unable to resist the competition of multinational enterprises, ushering in a wave of enterprise bankruptcy, which fully shows that an enterprise must face the world in order to grow. Of course, under the circumstances of relatively weak conditions and backward management, it is a challenge for domestic enterprises to win in the fierce market competition. Only by analyzing and knowing each other, can they combine their own superior resources, formulate effective strategies, and have more chances to win in the competition.

2. Trends of International Economy and Trade in the New Period

2.1. More Diversified International Economy and Trade

"Internet +" has deepened the integration with all walks of life, and international economic and trade is no exception. On the one hand, it has promoted the development of traditional international trade. On the other hand, e-commerce has been growing rapidly and has become a new economic growth point. Different from traditional trade modes, e-commerce transaction modes include pricing modes, business objectives, management modes and management standards. A single traditional transaction mode has changed. In order to develop on the basis of e-commerce, and even more new trade modes, innovations must be made in service modes, product pricing modes and transactions. Only in this way can we find our customers accurately in the market, sell our products and win in the fierce international competition.

2.2. Enhancement of International Economic and Trade Freedom

The rapid development of science and technology has promoted the international division of labor, and the formation of global trade; the formation of "big data" and the promotion of trade freedom. Trade barriers and trade restrictions are gradually broken down. Such trade organizations as WTO and "one belt and one road" have also promoted the development of trade liberalization. With the perfection of these regional organizations, economic and trade activities among countries will become more frequent, which can avoid trade frictions between countries and promote the development of trade liberalization.

2.3. Highlighting scientific and technological factors in international economy and trade

At the beginning of reform and opening-up, we earned a lot of foreign exchange for our country through processing raw materials, handicraft products and export of agricultural products. Over time, we gradually found that these products belong to labor-intensive products. In recent years, with the growth of our economy and the improvement of people's living standards, labor costs have gradually increased, and labor-intensive products have no original advantages. The price of products has risen and lost competitiveness in the international arena. At the same time, repeated trade frictions also show that we must attach importance to science and technology, and independent innovation can make the country have the most core competitiveness. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that "the key core technology is the most important tool of our country, which is of great significance for promoting high-quality economic development and guaranteeing national security. We must effectively improve our key core technological innovation ability, firmly grasp the initiative of scientific and Technological Development in our own hands, and provide strong scientific and technological guarantee for our country's development." The power of science and technology cannot be ignored. China's future development trend is bound to be closely related to science and technology. Only by combining science and technology with development can we ensure our competitive advantage. For example, the chip problem in China's international trade has been restricting the development of many Chinese science and technology enterprises. Whether to master core science and technology becomes the lifeblood of an enterprise or not, China must vigorously develop in this regard.

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