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Vigilant Plant

VigilantPlant is Yokogawa's automation concept for safe, reliable and profitable plant operations

Our concept is for a plant to be a place where people can be watchful and attentive, while the business responds quickly and efficiently to change. Non-stop production is assured as the plant’s personnel confidently expand their capabilities.

In such a well managed plant, it is possible to plan for the future and make the kind of changes needed to optimize every aspect of its operations. It keeps evolving in response to changing needs.

We are committed to working with our customers as partners to help them get maximum value from their plant operations. Our mission is to ensure their long-term success and help to build a more sustainable world.

VigilantPlant: The Value We Provide

When plant personnel are able to SEE CLEARLY what is happening in every corner of their plant, KNOW IN ADVANCE what is going to happen in a process, and ACT WITH AGILITY by making fast and intelligent decisions, Operational Excellence is the result.

See Clearly

We provide clear visibility of plant information in the form of anytime, anywhere, accurate, and real-time information throughout the plant.

Reduce blind spots

Know in Advance

We analyze collected data, predict what will happen, and provide information that will help to determine how best to respond.

Avoid surprises

Act with Agility

We provide advanced support solutions that will help you respond agilely to changes in your business by making well informed and timely decisions.

Preempt bottlenecks

Yokogawa’s Solutions

The Yokogawa VigilantPlant approach gives our customers a competitive advantage by delivering solutions that lead to Operational Excellence. Operational Excellence is assured by attaining excellence in safety, assets, and production, and seeking to improve upon this over the entire plant lifecycle. Based on a wealth of measurement, control, and information technologies, and leveraging far-reaching knowhow and expertise acquired in a wide variety of industries, we provide solutions that meet our customers’ demanding needs.

Safety Excellence
We provide integrated solutions that can safeguard your plant by making near-term predictions on plant states, improving energy efficiency and thereby helping to protect the environment, and maintaining the health of your plant assets.

Asset Excellence
We provide highly accurate and reliable control, measurement, engineering, maintenance, and other solutions that help to ensure stable production, high asset availability, and lower maintenance costs.

Production Excellence
Based on a firm foundation of safety and asset excellence, we provide value-added plant automation and optimization services that help you achieve high efficiency and flexibility in your plant operations.

Lifecycle Excellence
We optimize your total cost of ownership (TCO) by helping you maintain and improve operational safety, asset health, and production efficiency throughout the plant lifecycle.


Vigilance is a core Yokogawa's automation business principle. Our commitment to Vigilance is sustained through a never-ending quest for better solutions that ensure the long-term success of our customers.

It’s our mindset.
Yokogawa puts the customer first. We stay alert to protect the customer’s interests.

It’s our behavior.
We go the extra mile to do things right without being satisfied with the status quo.

It’s our commitment.
As a global solutions and service company, we strive to create new value with our customers by addressing challenges from their point of view and contribute to building a sustainable future.

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