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Yokogawa’s Approach

Addressing customers’ management concerns

Over the years that we have been doing business, we have noticed certain common customer concerns, and have arranged them in four categories. To address these concerns, Yokogawa has a variety of solutions that will help its customers achieve sustainable business growth and realize operational excellence from technical side and business side. “Safety & Security” is the top level critical concerns for risk management. To maintain high “Availability” is a key for sustainable management to avoid unplanned outages. Both of them are fundamental requirements in plants.  “Efficiency”is the key to improving profitability and business performance. “Human reliability” such as human-related errors of judgment and operations is a factor of other three concerns.


Yokogawa’s unique value proposition

Over the past century, Yokogawa has been able to achieve sustained success with customers’ success. As a trusted partner, we seek to create value with customers over the entire plant lifecycle.

  • Shared vision with long-term partnership
    Yokogawa is always ready and willing to listen to our customers, and take pleasure in finding solutions to issues customers are facing. This is Yokogawa’s corporate culture. And we share not only customers’ challenges and concerns, but also share vision to build long-term partnership.

  • Sensor-to-enterprise integration with reliable products and services
    Yokogawa provides best-of-breed integrated solutions from sensors to enterprise systems based on industrial knowledge and innovative technology. Our highly reliable products and services help our customers achieve safe, stable, and efficient operations over the entire lifecycle of their plant facilities.

  • Smart engineering with commitment
    Yokogawa delivers integrated automation solutions of any size and complexity by experienced project engineers. After we delivered the world’s first MAC (Main Automaton Contractor) project back in 2000, we have been the leading MAC in the world and keep developing innovative engineering services.

  • Sustainable support through global service network
    Yokogawa ensures our customers the continuous and reliable support throughout their plant lifecycle by experienced service engineers based on a global service network, which offers reliable and attentive long-term support.

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