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the correct maintenance of differential pressure transmitter and cleaning method

The differential pressure transmitter and pressure transmitter belong to the transmitter category, only one measurement conversion pressure difference, one is the direct measurement of pressure gauge or absolute pressure. We usually hear the pressure transmitter, differential pressure transmitter is actually a relatively wide range of application, how to maintain the pressure transmitter today we explain, only the correct daily maintenance to ensure the service life of the transmitter, and even extend. The correct maintenance of the differential pressure transmitter can be divided into 6 steps (this step is divided into two steps, and only needs to be paid attention to)

1, check the size of the installation hole size: if the size of the installation hole is not appropriate, differential pressure transmitter in the installation process, the threaded part is relatively easy to wear. This will not only directly affect the tightness of the device, but also make the pressure sensor can not fully play a role, and may even have a security risk. Only the appropriate installation hole can avoid the thread wear, usually we can use the installation hole measuring instrument on the installation hole for fine detection, to make the appropriate adjustment.

2, to keep dry: Although the differential pressure transmitter circuit design is able to withstand harsh extrusion processing environment, but most of the sensors can not be absolutely waterproof, wet environment is not conducive to normal operation. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the extruder cylinder water cooling device will not leak, otherwise it will adversely affect the sensor. If the sensor has to be exposed to water or humid environment, it is necessary to select a special sensor with a very strong waterproof.

3, serious and comprehensive cleaning: in the use of wire brush or special compounds on the extruder barrel cleaning, all the differential pressure transmitter should be removed. Because these two cleaning methods are likely to cause damage to the sensor diaphragm. When the tube is heated, it should be removed and sensor soft cloth to wipe the top wear will not be used at the same time, the sensor also need to use the drill hole clean and clean the guide sleeve.

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