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It is also important to prolong the service life of the temperature transmitter

      Temperature transmitter is a kind of instrument, which is widely used in many kinds of enterprises because of its special characteristics. Because is frequently used in the actual use of the process, the performance and application of life will be greatly reduced, but also in the use of the process often appear errors. Therefore, it is very important for the normal operation of the temperature transmitter. If there is no good protection, will seriously affect the accuracy of monitoring and its own useful life.

How to make the life of the temperature transmitter used to increase the length and improve the accuracy of the measurement, the following analysis of the elements to give you:

1, industry production of important data measurement, need to use the temperature transmitter with a metal shell, the temperature transmitter operation time is long, very high temperature, resisting high temperature conditions above 100 degrees, but also can be measured with mild corrosive liquid.

The shell material 2, the metal temperature transmitter is titanium alloy raw materials, titanium is a kind of precious metal, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, at the time of purchase should be professional on temperature transmitter quality inspection, if the quality is not good, it will affect its life, because the real high temperature transmitter to buy pure titanium on the market for the cost is too high, some unscrupulous manufacturers, will be a good filling, jerry.

3, the correct use of the site is the key to the delay of life, in the actual operation, must be in accordance with the requirements of the manual measurement, pay attention to the placement of the position and the depth of control.

4, the control of the process to control, if there is no problem, but also to do a good job in the process of routine maintenance, it is best to do a good job of maintenance records, easy to have a problem to find the problem.

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