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Diversity of metal and glass rotor flowmeter

Diversity of metal and glass rotor flowmeter. Metal and glass rotor flowmeter, also known as the area of flow meter or constant pressure drop flowmeter, is also based on the principle of fluid flow in the flow of a flow meter. The characteristics of the rotor flow meter: measuring the variety of medium flow, especially for medium and small flow measurement in small diameter in Reynolds number is low; the pressure loss is small and stable, sensitive reaction, wide range (10, 1), showing the value of clear, approximate linear scale; has the advantages of simple structure, low price, convenient use and maintenance; also can measure the corrosive medium flow. However, the accuracy of the rotor flowmeter is affected by the temperature, density and turnover of the measuring medium.

The rotor flowmeter is made up of a section of conical tube with upward expansion and a density greater than the density of the measured medium. It is known that when the fluid flows from the bottom to the top of the cone, the rotor is moved upward by the fluid. As the rotor moves, the rotor and the conical pipe between the annular flow area increases, the fluid velocity is reduced, the impact is weakened, gravity in the fluid and the rotor thrust until the fluid acting on the rotor to the phase equilibrium. At this point, the rotor stays in a cone in a certain height. If the flow of the fluid increases, the position of the rotor is higher when the balance is higher. Conversely. Therefore, the size of the fluid can be measured according to the height of the rotor suspension.

From the above, the fluid force balance is realized by changing the flow area, so it is called areaflowmeter, in addition, no matter in which the equilibrium position of the rotor, the rotor and the pressure difference is always the same. This is the reason that the rotor flowmeter is also called the constant pressure drop type flowmeter.

The glass rotor flowmeter is generally a local indicator, and the metal rotor flowmeter is generally made into a flow transmitter. According to the different metal rotameter converter can be divided into the electric remote, on-site display, LCD integrating remote pointer; metal rotameter according to the structure can be divided into basic type, jacket insulation, anti-corrosion, high temperature, high pressure type type type.

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